The Classroom

A Community of Learning

In our cooperative preschool we strive to create an inviting atmosphere of healthy respect for one another, for our materials, and for the spaces we use. We work to design a place where children, teachers, and parents research and learn together. We seek an atmosphere of comfort, fairness and acceptance. By fostering a safe environment for children and adults, families should feel a sense of ownership and belonging. We work together with understanding and seek ways to learn from one another.

Welcome to the Classroom

An inviting space with toys and activities carefully chosen to encourage the development of problem solving and fine motor skills. Children can explore science concepts, build with blocks, solve puzzles, read, write, draw and initiate dramatic play. Our beautiful new all-wood tables and benches have provided new opportunities for exploration. There is also a meeting space for circle-time activities.


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Welcome to the Art Studio

A creative space where children can work with clay, paper, paints, “loose parts,” and a variety of other art materials.


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Welcome to the Playground & Outdoor Classroom

A safe, fenced-in space with room to run, jump, climb and imagine.  We are especially proud of the artistic willow branch playhouse, the “unique swale” area that recycles the church’s rainwater, and our garden boxes.  A newly constructed and covered sandbox is filled with safe Oregon beach sand, and an Outdoor Classroom building houses tools and toys to which the children have free access. In inclement weather, a large room within the church is used for indoor play.


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